Ono County where murder and ghosts are a way of life.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tom Clement"s Views

Hello and thank you for visiting the Ono Chronicle. I am the editor, owner, publisher, and general dog's body for the paper. My family's paper has been published for over a century and is delivered to each subscriber's home on Wednesday afternoon. Everyone has a chance to read the paper before they attend pray meeting. It gives them something to pray about if nothing comes to mind.
Nash Black is the world's worst eavesdropper. He has been busy putting in book form tales that Bob Ford overheard at the Kricket, our local cafĂ©. His new collection is Games of Death.
Those ghost stories happened, we know they did. Who are we is not the editorial "we" used in a newspaper, but the citizens of Ono County who gather at the Kricket to enjoy Robert Wilson's exceptional meals.
I have suggested printing a story in this paper, but for now Nash Black wants to wait. Answer with a note in the comments if you'd enjoy a sneak preview.
Nash Black scribbles about Ono County murders and ghosts when he is not advising authors about what he has learned of publishing and taxation. He asked me to do this space and I agreed, but I will do it my own way.
When I was serving my apprenticeship under my father I learned if you want to do something, do not request permission--do it and let others talk about it.
Disclaimer: This is my paper and all views are my own. I reserve the right to disagree with you, but I will try never to misquote you.
Tom Clement, Ono Chronicle.