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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ozzie Ovendecker Talks about Gardens.

Things happen sure as the moon and the sun revolved around the earth.
Nurse a plant through the seasons until it flourishes in all its magnificence. Someone drops by to admire your work. They whisk out their trowel and commence to dig.
"I must have a piece. Just a little start." Then you're back where you started with a scraggly plant.

If it digs easy it's a plant. If roots go deep into the subsoil it's a weed.
It rains or snows on the day you're free to work your garden.
Rocks were created to test the perseverance of tillers of the soil.
Roots support your neighbor's trees and break up your carefully laid brick patio.
If there is a crack in your walk a maple or yellow popular seed will find it.
Transplant seedlings from the nursery and watch the chickweed grown next spring.
"Mistletoe and Ivy will be the death of me." said the great oak tree.

The editor wishes to thank Ozzie for his thoughts. Let us know how your garden grows.