Ono County where murder and ghosts are a way of life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Golf Course Murder Scene

The body of William Leighton Sr., vice-president of Clydesville National Bank and a life-long resident of Ono County, was discovered early this morning on the golf course at the Country Club.
Gilbert Harrington, Ono County attorney, and Cabel Beckworth, president of the bank, were playing the fifth hole when they discovered Bill Leighton's battered body propped against the flag.
All evidence points to Bill having been killed somewhere else and transported to the golf course.
Sheriff Dan Sommers was summoned to the scene, where he conducted a through investigation of the body and surrounding area. A blood-stained golf club was lying near the corpse.
Bill's car was located on a side street by the bank with his golf clubs still in the trunk. The authorities are not releasing any further information until an autopsy is completed by the state medical examiner.
Sheriff Sommers has requested that anyone who may have information pertaining to this horrible crime please contact his office immediately.
Jobi Leighton, Bill's widow, is under the care of Dr. Ephram Flanders, and their son William Jr. is being cared for by friends.